Monday, 26 September 2016

Lucy Burley's Matte

Glaze testing

 I found this recipe on Ceramic Arts Daily's article about Green, Blue and Turquoise glazes. I love these colours and I'm looking for matte glazes for cone 04 firings.

 I have substituted Strontium carbonate for Barium carbonate.

I did a rough line blend, rough because I started the test using a teaspoon to measure units in the blend and ran out of glaze mix.

Lucy Burley's Matte Glaze Recipe

10    Strontium carbonate
45    Frit 3134
15    Potash Feldspar
15    Ball Clay FX
15    Eckalite 2


I love the colours in these tests. You can't see in the photo but this glaze bubbled at the edges.

I think this is because I didn't add enough water to the glaze mix and it went on very thick.

It isn't very matte either, a little shiny for a matte glaze. I might try to tweak it if I make it again to tone down the shininess and fix the bubbling.

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