Saturday, 17 September 2016

Naragon White cone 6 results

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Naragon White version 1

31%    Soda Feldspar

2      Bentonite

Mixed dry and then water added. Divided into three pots of 66.6ml each.

The triaxial with three corners as follows starting from the apex:

A 10%  Tin Oxide  (100 x 10 x 33.3/100) added 3.33g

B 7%    Copper Carbonate (100 x 7 x 33.3/100) added 2.33g
C 2%    Cobalt Carbonate, 10%  (100 x 10 x 33.3/100) added 0.66g
   10%   Rutile flour (100 x 10 x 33.3/100) added 3.33g

Fired to cone 6 in my Ward kiln. Slow cooled.

Colour needs mixing with a blender, appears a bit grainy. Base glaze is pinkish from tin oxide. Poured rather than dipped. Need to repeat this test but concentrating on the lighter oxides, tiles 1, 2 and 3.
I like the way the rutile has added texture especially to the Cobalt corner.

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