Saturday, 17 September 2016

pine street glaze course

Test tiles

I'd been interested in glaze making for a while when I enrolled in Pine Street's glaze making course in August 2016. The teacher was Greg Crowe.

In the first week we chose a glaze test to suit the type of firing we were doing. I've been wanting to experiment with stoneware clay fired to cone 6 after seeing so many great glazes and recipes online. Until now I've been focussed on earthenware, which I still like for its great colours, so I think I'll work to find recipes for cone 04 too.

I wasn't sure my kiln could fire to cone 6 temps but a test firing this week shows it easily makes that mark. Early on in this ceramics journey I bought a wheel and a kiln because I want to make and fire everything inhouse, it means I can work at my own pace and control each part of the process. My little old Ward kiln with its new controller is working well and I am slowly refining my firing schedules to get the perfect rise and fall. To mix up my own glazes is a logical progression.

 My reading list is up in a link list there on the left. I'll keep adding to it as I go and would love suggestions. If you know of any good glaze references or have your own glaze/ceramics blog leave the link in a comment below.

Week one at glaze school we made test tiles for future firings in a number of ways, both flat and pinched and napkin ring style and left them in the kiln room for firing to use for our first test next week.

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